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Hi, I am Valmer Luks.

To my friends I’m just Lux.

Since 2019, I have been a full-time freelance web project manager, UI/Ux Designer, web designer and developer. Also a producer, videographer and editor.

I designed and developed more than 50 different online projects: landing pages, one-page websites, complete e-store solutions, web and mobile apps, corporate identity and re-branding solutions, unique logo designs, social media advertising videos and more.
I work closely with a number of professionals in my field in case your project requires a larger team.

Let me help you grow your business.
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NB! – If you are looking someone to maintain your website – You found me!

LuxPro - Go with the flow.
Easier said than done.

It’s all about finding a natural course of action rather than reinventing the wheel.
I know how to help my clients stand out from the crowd.
Not by swimming upstream, but by making the right decisions in picking the strongest current and flowing in the same direction.